A Break in the Adoption Chatter

I certainly don’t wish you to believe I am all about adoption, trauma and drama.  I figured I’d take a moment to let you know I am mostly a pretty happy person. I stay positive and appreciate  blessings in day to day things.  Blessings are  pretty much everywhere when we choose to see them that way.

Recently I have been blessed with my home being totally updated.  A friend of mine made a big move to another state and rather than drag a house full of belongings along with him, his living room furniture and bedroom set became a fantastic update for myself and my family.  Just this afternoon my oldest son was asking my thoughts on how to stream from the computer to the TV so that we can enjoy the living room furiture that will now accomodate all of us for family movie nights!

Another friend with a truck helped make this blessing possible! Thats another blessing in itself.  They multiply, start counting them instead of troubles and you just might see pretty amazing results in your attitude and life experience.

I even feel blessed to talk about the adoption stuff, I feel grateful that I am strong enough now ( I wasn’t for the first couple years after it happened) to help educate and hopefully through education, prevent unneccessary adoption separation.  A little love and compassion can go a LOOOOOOONG way for an overwhelmed, stressed out expectant mother.  End hate and judgement, be love or move on.

Be blessed in all you do.





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