Who or What is a Mother Anyway?

Pondering the Differences and Similarities of Mothers

A friend of mine said to me recently, “Some people are attracted to mothers”. That’s the best I can do with the quote, I may have paraphrased it slightly.  Regardless, it opened my mind to the thought….What is a mother?  It seems that everyone has a vision of what a mother is like, should be, should do, should say, should act, and turns out is seems every single perspective of what a mother should be and every single perspective of what a mother is, appears to be quite different these days depending on who you ask.  Quite a bit different then in the Victorian age when mothers where known as the Angel of the House.


Today we mothers are angels, sinners, saints, whores, punks, hippies, artists, lawyers, musicians, professors, weirdos with rainbow colored hair, breeders, cheaters, lovers, friends, bitches, loved and hated equally by many. We aresexy, sassy,  natural, biological,  bi-racial, straight, lesbian, married, single and living in sin, rich, poor, some where in the middle, work outside the home, or stay home, whether the rest of society thinks we ought to, or not, we are real and we are fake, depending on how some other person is points at us, their expectations and interpretations of what a mother is or should be.  Every mother, in her own way, is still the Angel of the House doing the best she can to take care of herself and of her family, adapting and overcoming with ever changing times and shares an intimate connection  with her children whether it can be seen outwardly or not. Could this be the biological bond of God and nature at work?



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