Note to Self – Moving Forward

I’ve been making an effort to surround myself with only positive people who have faith in me and my dreams and vision for my future.  No matter how hard we try some people will always take it wrong, I am learning to let it go and walk away faster than ever before, shifting gears………with a………deep breath…….working on a goal for today…..getting in touch with  poetic side of self……..

Moving forward, the only direction one can go, embracing  freedom, the path my own,   gray dreary skies, nearly freezing rain, set the tone for dusting off dreams caked in cobwebs, subdued by interludes of lingering pain, self resurrection, preservation, rising from the ashes, facing awkward moments, moving through them, appreciating the simpler things, a hot fire, a good book, soft relaxing music, a warm cup of cocoa, friendship, droplets of water lingering on branches gravity pulling them toward the  earth below, squirrels and  birds scury and flutter among naked branches, as I sit writing in uninterrupted bliss, being free to just be, in the essence of natures love. 

Note to Self



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