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Note to Self – Moving Forward

I’ve been making an effort to surround myself with only positive people who have faith in me and my dreams and vision for my future.  No matter how hard we try some people will always take it wrong, I am learning to let it go and walk away faster than ever before, shifting gears………with a………deep breath…….working on a goal for today…..getting in touch with  poetic side of self……..

Moving forward, the only direction one can go, embracing  freedom, the path my own,   gray dreary skies, nearly freezing rain, set the tone for dusting off dreams caked in cobwebs, subdued by interludes of lingering pain, self resurrection, preservation, rising from the ashes, facing awkward moments, moving through them, appreciating the simpler things, a hot fire, a good book, soft relaxing music, a warm cup of cocoa, friendship, droplets of water lingering on branches gravity pulling them toward the  earth below, squirrels and  birds scury and flutter among naked branches, as I sit writing in uninterrupted bliss, being free to just be, in the essence of natures love. 

Note to Self


Artist Ramblings & a Thank You

Something that is very hard to convey to those who don’t understand (but perhaps want to) about being an artist, attempting to make your own dreams come true,  earning a living is there is a whole heck of a lot of work involved that goes on behind the scenes.  Much, much more than having fun making art.

First of all, not all art is fun to make, at times is can be healing and excrutingly painful simultaneously.  Some artist process thier own life experiences through thier preferred medium or various mediums.

Secondly, there are what I like to call PLENTY of Office Hours.   Time spent on the computer, researching places to submit ones work that relate to ones own subject matter, medium and style.  Building our own websites, lets face it…’ve heard the term starving artist before, so many of us are not paying someone big bucks to handle that kind of stuff, so we teach ourselves, figure it out step by step, and stay in charge of it. Photographing works, titling, writing descriptions that somehow convey feelings, loading the car, unloading car, installing show, being at show, interacting with miscelleneous people, collaborations, organizing events, performers, details……yes there is an awful lot to do. Some artists do a lot of this stuff for no money because they love it.

Thirdly, I notice there seem to be artists focused on getting their name out there, and there seem to be artist who aren’t nearly as interested in getting thier name out there as they are getting thier message out there and lots of styles inbetween. There are artists dedicated to all sorts of charities and causes.  HIV Awareness, Domestic Violence Awareness, Child Abuse and Insest, Feeding Hungry Children, Ecological Awareness, Helping Children have access to Arts and Music, Gay Rights, Black Rights, Consciouness, Enlightment, and a host of other great philanthopic missions.  My mission has evolved its way into creating Awareness about Adoption Practices, helping mothers by supporting Saving Our Sisters, and ideas for ammending newborn adoption laws.

Fourth, not all artists are trying to be rich and famous or are even that comfortable with public attention.  For me, as previously mentioned I started humbly trying to sell my photography on line as a way to earn extra money to be able to afford to go see my children.  Well its 5 years later, five long, wild, weird, and actually when I look at my artist resume, include great accomplishments.  Yet, still I have not been able to save to see my children.

Art is a lifestyle, an honor to create, to share, a tool to communication, yes, it’s lovely when someone connects with a piece and wants to give you some money and take it home, but art keeps me alive, money in my life seems to come and go for various expenses (sometimes before I even feel it in my hands) I’m pretty used to it, some people say I’ve had a hard life, I just figure its life, I have had some fun along the way. I don’t always have the best attitude, I don’t always have the worst,  I do my best to keep my chin up…..and putting my chin up, with the encouragement of some friends I decided to make a GoFundMe page to raise some money to change my own situation and cross one very imporant thing off my to do list, which has been on the to do list way to long.  Go see my children in Virginia and maybe solve a few other tiny details that could enhance my life experience.    You can always help directly by buying my art.  One of the most imporant things to me when I first began this little dream was to have affordable art for everybody.  We all deserve pretty things to enhance our lives. Affordable art by Ms. Wenderful is found here.

I put the gofundme up yesterday and have already had my first donor. Thank you dear friend Tracey.  Thank you for being number one donor and being a friend who encourages and supports me in what I wish to accomplish.  Your art piece Sony U-Matic (OMG the Instruction video for it  is Brilliant, Epic and soooo Hilarious watch it) shall be delievered in person this Sunday at Yellow Green Farmers Market where hopefully I will be setting my own shop up soon!

Tracys art pic