Why I Support Saving our Sisters

This is an art piece I created as part of the Door to the Soul project at Shade Post in Fort Lauderdale.  Lets just say I learned an awful lot about the biological processes and effects on the body and MIND during pregnancy, labor, delivery and post partum in the process of blaming myself and taking responsibility for my actions.

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Misc. Feelings – I Am Only Human

One of the hardest things I’ve faced in producing this show is my own feelings.  Feelings of fear, of judgment, of inadequacy, of being misunderstood……of being misunderstood, of being VERY misunderstood.Side a

This show is not about anger, hate, divide, bullying, who is right, who is wrong.  It is NOT an anti adoption show.  It IS an educational show, it IS a supportive show, it IS a show to help mothers who WANT TO raise their own flesh and blood babies be able too by putting some money in the hands of the organization Saving Our Sisters that helps mothers with the temporary life challenges they are facing while being pregnant.

Something I have noticed time and time again in discussion with friends, people I associate with through the arts world, people I talk to in random locations is that it feels like society thinks the proverbial birthmother is some type of whore, prostitute, drug addict, person who lives on the streets, in short, in someway less than the rest of us.  It is exceptionally painful to hear sometimes, they  think I am the exception , not the rule.

In connecting with other mothers who after giving birth to their own child and previously having considered adoption and now NOT wanting to go through with it I have learned alot, I have felt not so alone.  I have found others who are pretty much ordinary average american women like me being denied perhaps their most primal biological instinctual urge, to mother thier own flesh and blood child they recently gave birth too. Women who for whatever personal reason were struggling, scared and did nothing wrong but sign a contract, a legal and binding document that says their baby can be given to other people to raise, people who pay high fees to an agencies and/or attorneys to obtain that contract.

Mothers who are grieving a monumental loss are faced with trying to fight for their child back which is pretty hard to do in some states in this country, Florida is one of them. Its even harder to do in a society which judges, condemns and makes assumptions about mothers for considering adoption in the first place. A society that thinks we must all be pieces of shit and treats us as such.  A society that demands we now prove ourselves as capable of mothering ( why don’t other pregnant woman have to prove they are worthy of mothering?) as if somehow signing that paper makes all our primal instincts and the basic fact that we are here, alive on this planet and have made it this far,  null and void.  I can attest, signing a paper does not in fact make any of the biological processes associated with pregnancy, labor, delievry, child birth and motherhood stop.

It doesn’t. Not one bit.  I think about things sometimes, fairly deeply.  Things like it would still be pretty easy to judge, ridicule, berate, and make me appear less worthy.   Right now I’m not employed at an outside job earning a regular paycheck, I’m working on my goal of starting a business, and organizing the benefit show I Am Only Human to support Saving our Sisters.  I can do this because one of my sons is covering household expenses until I get through this show. Its a FAMILY choice. It is a tremendous blessing, I wouldn’t have gotten through any of this without my 2 oldest sons.  Yes, I was a teenage mother and now they are in their 20’s and we all live together. So you know what…. I guess I did ok.  I’m prone to beat myself up but I’ve learned that when I start to…….I look at my resume and realize that in spite of dealing with an unspeakable level of grief I’ve accomplished an awful lot in the past few years.  That I feel good about.

I think “would I be here in this position if I had never considered adoption?”  Probably not. Grief takes a long time, processing things, learning things, takes a long time, learning how to adapt and overcome a body that is desperately seeking to complete the task of motherhood its programmed to do is hard and takes time, I don’t feel like the feeling will ever go away.  Learning to cope with it and accept it as part of my daily life has been pretty rough, as has wondering if my son feels the same way and can’t express it to anyone.

I’m not ashamed of where I am. I am grateful to every person who has helped me a long the way. Those who have let me cry, those who have opened their homes to me to stay with them when I really just couldn’t be alone, those who have given me the strength and support to make it through, sometimes only to the next day like it was in the first 2 years.  Do you know…..I cried every time I saw or heard a baby for almost 2 years? Even at my job?  Finally that has subsided, but still my heart stirs.  I’m grateful to all my artist friends and acquaintances who have encouraged me to stay the course and do the benefit show I Am Only Human which took place on May 14th.

I hope that the time and effort helps raise  funds for Saving Our Sisters and educates the public that mothers of adopted children and people who are adopted have feelings and are in fact human beings too.  Human beings who deserve every opportunity to stay together as a family and if they can’t, not be denied their entire identity.




Book Burning

Ok, so maybe I didn’t exactly burn the whole book but in the interest of spring cleaning,

and preparing to take an artist summer sabatical working in another area of the country I invested some time tearing out the pages and burning the edges of various spiritual, religious and science texts including Sri Isponisad, The Bhagavad Gita, The Wisdom of No Escape, The Science of Mind, the Bible and a text book on the Universe laying them to create a jig saw puzzle effect for a new series of pieces. This piece is called:

Actions Speak Louder than Words here’s a short video of the creation process:

27 inches x 27 inches on board


Shipping in USA Included

$40 dollars of the sale of this piece will be donated to Saving Our Sisters, a grassroots organization which helps support expectant mothers through emotionally and financially challenging pregnancies.

To inquire about purchasing this piece please email mswenderful@gmail.com with Actions Speak Louder than Words in the subject.

Thank you.

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Pictorial Review of Woodstock

Welcome to Woodstock, NY!  I’m happy to be here on such a gorgeous sunny winter day!

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I fell in love with these cards at Mirabai New Age Shop and picked up one for each of my children and one for myself!


This window is pretty enchanting

A #Fairy #farm #village??? #fabulous #window #art in #woodstock

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We enjoyed a free tour of the Woodstock Artist Association and Museum also known as the “Local Louvre”

and even picked up a couple of copie of The Bhagavad Gita in this adorable free library!

I hadn’t heard the relaxing sound of babbling brooks in ages!

A #Peaceful #babbling #brook in #Woodstock very #relaxing and #meditative.

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Note to Self – Moving Forward

I’ve been making an effort to surround myself with only positive people who have faith in me and my dreams and vision for my future.  No matter how hard we try some people will always take it wrong, I am learning to let it go and walk away faster than ever before, shifting gears………with a………deep breath…….working on a goal for today…..getting in touch with  poetic side of self……..

Moving forward, the only direction one can go, embracing  freedom, the path my own,   gray dreary skies, nearly freezing rain, set the tone for dusting off dreams caked in cobwebs, subdued by interludes of lingering pain, self resurrection, preservation, rising from the ashes, facing awkward moments, moving through them, appreciating the simpler things, a hot fire, a good book, soft relaxing music, a warm cup of cocoa, friendship, droplets of water lingering on branches gravity pulling them toward the  earth below, squirrels and  birds scury and flutter among naked branches, as I sit writing in uninterrupted bliss, being free to just be, in the essence of natures love. 

Note to Self


Adventures at Bard College

My friend and I were treated to lunch and a walk about at Bard College by her uncle. Being a retired architect he was very interested in showing us the new Fisher Center for the Performing Arts designed by the Architect Frank Gehry.  We were able to go inside the performing arts center and hoped to see a photography exhibit, sadly we were unable to find it.  Instead we wandered among the halls and got to see the curves and lines of the structure from the inside out.  I also took the liberty of peeking into a rehearsal space and saw some students practicing dancing.

#Magical #design by the #architect #frankgehry

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I found it refreshing and encouraging to be among students of music, art, theater and dance in these times where art is all but eliminated from children’s public school education. It felt comforting to know that there are parents out there who encourage and support their children following their own hearts and dreams pursing careers in the liberal arts and having faith they can earn a living through through creativity.

After taking a shivery walk around the grounds and checking out the performing arts facility we enjoyed a healthy buffet style lunch among the students and the facility then returned briskly to the car and headed for a quick peek at the Kaatsbaan Internation Dance Center which was pretty much closed, although we did get to speak to a lovely women who  invited us to take a peek through the window if we wished.  So, we did.




Interesting How Experiences Manifest

The thing with the law of attraction is it comes in ways we don’t always anticipate.  I’ve been wishing for conversations about music and art and here I am in New York learning and being exposed to much by a lovely retired architect through conversation and his amazing personal library.

I made a choice to come here with my friend at nearly the last minute hoping to make a little side trip in the process.  Even though I’m freezing my butt off from time to time, I’m grateful I accepted the invitation.

My host invited me to watch a documentary with him about the ballerina Misty Copeland.  I had never heard of her before. What an amazing woman!  I felt in awe and inspired by her will to overcome obstacles including the color of her skin and a leg fracture, which many said would end her ballerina career permanently. Instead she kept believing she could and went on to become the first African American Principle Dancer at the American Ballet Theatre.  Congratulations beautiful dancer.  You are an inspiration to many.  I



born into this world,

pure and true,

fearlessly, effortlessly,

natures clear intention,

transcending dark warm depths

emerging into a first glimpse of light,

unknowingly exiting safety

entering an environment unknown,

petals bravely unfold a

delicate offering to a new world

the warmth of the sun,

a cool dark dewy night,

simply being until

plucked it from its stem,

for momentary pleasure,

perhaps a gift for another,

timeless infinity

perfected by nature,

disrupted in an instant,

altering natures

time tested,

perfect course,

pedals begin to fall,

colors fade,


withering blindly,

innocent no more.

View Video Performance of this Piece Here