2 Weeks

Today I have been visiting the Hudson Valley, New York for one week.  I can not even begin to express how eternally grateful I am for these 2 weeks, these two weeks I  had to commit staying in order to try and take the detour to see my children in Virginia.  My kids didn’t feel ready and we are waiting for summer instead.

The 2 week stay  that before I came here practically terrified me.  These 2 weeks where that’s it, I’m committed, I can’t just get up and go home if it turns out to be uncomfortable, and it hasn’t been uncomfortable at all, quite the opposite is true. It’s been relaxing and very interesting, my friends uncle seems quite happy to have us and take us on tours of the area. 

These 2 weeks are turning into 2 weeks to actually just work for me, almost completely without being subjected to other peoples wishes, wants, demands, perspectives, energies, expectations and intrusions regardless of how well intended.

Revisiting websites I haven’t had the luxury of updating or even remembering in ages.  I suppose in some way its putting together the missing pieces of me. Remembering the scope of my dreams and goals and being blessed with time to focus on them have turned the 2 weeks I was so very scared to take into a huge blessing.

Thank you to my friend who invited me. Thank you to the friends who encouraged me to go!   Thank you a million times over.  I feel like you knew I needed this ……I appreciate you sharing the experience with me!


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