Poverty Perspectives

This is  Ted Talk by Mia Birdsong really got my attention.  There have been plenty of times in my life where I have felt judged for not having enough, doing enough, and quite frankly at times, felt completely overwhelmed just trying to keep up. There are equally as many times when I’ve felt pretty darn content and happy regardless of income level at any given moment.

I’ve been judged and had assumptions made upon me, particularily in the rare moments (such as the little trip I am on now) that an opportunity for a break, to take an unexpected get away comes up and I go. I’m pretty comfortable with not being able to meet peoples expectations, but then those people haven’t had the same life challenges as I have had, nor I the same as them and people making assumptions don’t often  ask questions.

Turns out I’m relaxing and getting LOTS of Work Done on this adventure. I’ve had a lot more time to  work on my goal of financial independence through my own self employment.  I’ve been working on that for several years, we all know it doesn’t always happen overnight and sometimes things that require our attention more happen in life.

What many people don’t realize is that in addition to doing live, in person art shows, where I more often than not sell a piece or two,  I have several online options to reach out to the world.  Sometimes I have lots of time to work on promoting them and “getting them out there” sometimes I have much less depending on what is going on with my day to day life.   Take a look at my super reasonably priced art collection, (some less than $30) created because I feel everyone deserves the opportunity to have unique art at a great price  or get a super nifty T shirt designed by me! 

So….Before you judge “poor” people, call the less financially fortunate lazy, unworthy, judge them for what they are doing with their money,  remember you don’t always know whats going on behind closed doors and what the poor person is working toward. Invest some time in listening to this…..you might just find fresh perspective and realize  everything isn’t always as you might assume it to be.

Teamwork and compassion combined with innovative thinking have the capacity to turn challenging situations into successful outcomes for everyone.

Follow this link to listen and watch! 



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