Interesting How Experiences Manifest

The thing with the law of attraction is it comes in ways we don’t always anticipate.  I’ve been wishing for conversations about music and art and here I am in New York learning and being exposed to much by a lovely retired architect through conversation and his amazing personal library.

I made a choice to come here with my friend at nearly the last minute hoping to make a little side trip in the process.  Even though I’m freezing my butt off from time to time, I’m grateful I accepted the invitation.

My host invited me to watch a documentary with him about the ballerina Misty Copeland.  I had never heard of her before. What an amazing woman!  I felt in awe and inspired by her will to overcome obstacles including the color of her skin and a leg fracture, which many said would end her ballerina career permanently. Instead she kept believing she could and went on to become the first African American Principle Dancer at the American Ballet Theatre.  Congratulations beautiful dancer.  You are an inspiration to many.  I


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