Waiting till Summer

My children elected to say they are not ready for now. I let them know another friend has offered to travel with me during the summer to try again.  They said maybe summer was better, all by text message.

I suppose I could be  frustrated, pissed off, wonder this and wonder that, and of course for a moment I was, and did those things.  I vented my frustrations and sadness in a conversation with my friend, I cried too.  Infact reiterating it here now a hot tear or two rolls down my cheek.  I’m not afraid to say so, I am only human.  I am glad I took the chance and tried, none the less, there is no side trip to take today.  I will look forward to trying again in the summer, the past is gone, the future is coming.

Deep breath, exhale. Repeat, often.

So now I am on my way to a smaller northern town with my friend, where  I will be the guest of her family for the next couple weeks.  I am looking forward to a break from the noise of the city in which I live.  It will be nice to see some new scenery, utilize the time to work remotely, and focus on me for awhile.

My two oldest sons are home handling the apartment, day to day stuff, and taking care of the cats.  Yes, a blessing and an opportunity to take a little break for me, something I haven’t been able to do in quite a long time, for it I am grateful.


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