Vampires Among Us


Disguised in daily wear,

Cloaked in marketing material,

Provoking fear and chaos,

Preying on weak, vulnerable

expectant mothers,

witholding, altering information

Fullfilling childless peoples

hopes and dreams,

for financial profit,

a  well marketed holocaust

destroying hearts and souls

of living, breathing,

feeling, human beings.

This piece below is called Family Separation and is dedicated to the Vampires of the Adoption Industry who prey on fearful expectant mothers and also on people who wish to adopt. The expectant mothers carry the product (baby) , the hopeful adoptive parents pay the exorbarant fees to agencies and attorneys to do a dirty job, the lies inbetween causing  destruction, chaos and bullying between those who are supposed to care about the infant most of all, its mother, father and adopted parents.

Read Statistics on How much MONEY IS Made here.  Not saying everyone in the adoption industry is a vampire, but if you see this and it upsets you, I’m glad.  Its time to start rethinking, restructuring an antiquated system by opening hearts and minds.

Saving Our Sisters is an organization dedicated to helping expectant mothers through emotionally and financially challenging pregnancies, mothers who are only considering adoption because they feel like they have no other choice, when really they want to be a mother to thier own child and will succeed with love and compassion.   This piece is called Family Separation can be viewed or purchased in my gallery by clicking here.  50% of  the proceeds are donated to Saving Our Sisters an organization dedicated to helping mothers and brand new babies stay together and be a family the way nature intended.  Please  Like Saving Our Sisters on Facebook.   Framed and unframed prints are available.

Vampires Among Us
Family Separation

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