Fuel for opening minds…

Just this morning I was thinking about catalysts and egos.  Where do they fit in with the adoption issues which I feel compelled to educate about, although scared to  do so sometimes.   Am I the ego or am I standing up to the combined ego of societies beliefs, adoption propoganda and archaic laws?  It’s a continuous struggle with in, all I can do is follow my heart and my heart says….. assist, educate, speak my truth, let go of fear. Where do your beliefs about adoption come from?

Are you adopted or a father or mother who is separated from her child by adoption?  Do you know only what you hear in advertisements? Give a better life to the baby, its a loving choice, get crisis pregnancy help, which by the way,  no pregnancy is a crisis unless you treat it as one,  please stop doing that to women, regardless of thier age whether it be 16 or 39, its hard enough being pregnant in a supportive environment, creating a crisis environment is unfair and emotionally abusive so cut it out.

If you want to learn more about adoption from people who have experienced its long term effects directly please visit the pages below.  Be prepared you might hear some personal accounts, thoughts and feelings not generally associated with the traditional marketing materials. Is adoption a loving choice or a form living genocide?

Saving our Sisters

Is Adoption Trauma

Attorneys Against Unlawful Adoptions

Mothers of  Loss (to adoption)

International Association of Survivors of Adoption Loss

Search Angel Priscilla Sharp  (helps reunite people separated by adoption)

Concerned United Birthparents

Musings of a Birthmom

Mommas House (helps young women succeed as mothers)

How Does it Feel to be Adopted







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