Innovation Starts Here

This piece for me represents a turning point, a spot, a point a place in time in which I started to feel released from grief long enough to think of ideas on how to approve the adoption system.  I have seen several examples of the system being flawed and not allowing mothers the option to not go through with, or change their minds about, placing their children for adoption due to doing nothing wrong, just because they signed a paper, a contract that is irrevocable, under stressful conditions, many times without time or consideration to think, feel, process or have legal representation.  This has the capacity to cause tremendous trauma, pain, stress for all sides of the adoption equation. To me its not very fair to adoptive parents either, being handed newborns to take home and call their own when mothers aren’t really making clear, conscious, fully informed decisions.  It’s not particularity fair to the babies, who grow into children, teenagers and adults either.  It’s certainly not fair to the mothers fathers. Doesn’t everyone deserve to give and receive a true gift, not to be forced to play a game with their lives?

In observing much adoption debate and discussion on social media of mothers begging and fighting for their own children to not be adopted by strangers,  it seems one thing stands out in particular.  It seems like almost all the mothers fighting, hoping, praying, to get their children back in their life, whether getting them back to raise as their own or reopen adoptions that were supposed to be open and then got closed… seems almost all of the mothers made adoption choices at nearly the last minute, with practically no warning, under stressful, adverse, and at times down right manipulative conditions.

Read about Baby Elliot, Baby Grayson, and Baby Camden  These are just a few.

So that being said, it seems that a fairly simple solution is available.  Change the adoption laws so that no irrevocable document concerning placing ones own child for adoption should be executed prior to 6 weeks after giving birth.    Time for the mothers mind, soul and body begin to heal, to begin to return to pre-pregnancy state, time for the entire biological process to take place. The time a new mother is usually released from Post Partum Care, 6 weeks.  To this artist it seems like it would be a great dose of preventative maintenance in preventing chaotic adoptions for newborn babies, mothers, fathers and adoptive parents which affect everyone well into the future.


Innovation Starts Here

Innovation Starts Here is 24″ x 18″on canvas hand glued with tidbits of information about the Universe. Cosmic characters from past, present and future in black & white and various shades of pink highlight the nature of light and matter.

This piece is part of the Collection Putting the Pieces Together  shown as part of a group exhibition at World and Eye in Fort Lauderdale,  January 2015


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